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5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Leaving the House

Don't want to burn out under the sun this summer? Here's the secret in losing weight without leaving the house.

Don’t want to burn out under the sun this summer? Here’s the secret in losing weight without leaving the house.

1) Yoga & Stretching 

Yoga has been proven to be effective in shedding pounds. In the morning or early afternoon, I would stretch and do an hour and half of yoga. Yoga helps in concentration and relieves stress. I would feel refreshed after every yoga session – while I lost a pound or two!

2) Eat 3 meals 3 times a day

Having a consistent eating schedule is important to keep track of your calories. You don’t want to snack in random sequence of the day and skip meals. It’s best to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday and not skip. Skipping meals would cause the risk of gaining weight later on due to our body fighting against our metabolic process.

3) Eat more fiber, veggies, and fruits

This is self-explanatory as it is, but it works so well into losing weight. Increase your fiber intake to make it easier to digest your meals. Fiber foods such as carrots, avocado, peppers, and strawberries are foods rich with fiber. 

4) Sleep regularly

Sleep early in the night and wake up early to start your routine of yoga! I recommend trying not to take naps in the afternoon because it would decrease your metabolism and you would not be able to digest your lunch.

5) Reward yourself

You did it! You followed all of these steps and you should reward yourself with a healthy snack. I recommend Fiber One or you can go with eating nuts such as almonds and cashews. Another snack I eat to reward myself is a yogurt called Fage – Yum!

I hope you find this helpful in getting started in losing weight but not feeling the heat of this hot summer! Good luck!

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