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Thoughts about Hacknight!

I went to my first Hacknight this week! The event was held on July 18th at ThoughtWorks, New York. 

I went to my first Hacknight this week! The event was held on July 18th at ThoughtWorks, New York.

Progressive HackNight is an intersection of technology and activism. A event for progressive activists, organizers, creatives, and technologists come together, discuss the issues, and work on projects together that will drive the movement forward.

For this session, Katie Robbins, MPH, Executive Director of the NY Metro Chapter Physicians for National Healthcare Program, discusses about the ever changing landscape of public health and healthcare. I found her presentation to be engaging and organized. The topic ranged from statistics and data of the demographics of people of economic backgrounds, ethnicity, and health status. With the current debate in regards to access of health services, Katie discusses the importance of single-payer national health program in the community. She currently advocates for single-payer national health program in New York. I learned from the event that whether an individual is liberal or conservative, we should all come together to discuss about their support in improving the healthcare system.

After the presentation, participants were split into groups to discuss and learn about various projects. The group I met was a team who organized and created the site GetOrganizedBK.  I learned more about the organization’s mission on working together to defend democracy and human dignity. While I have some experience interning at non-profits, the group and I shared some constructive feedback on ways to improve the site through digital marketing techniques. I am interested in learning about how organizations such as GetOrganizedBK will improve their website re-design and promote their brand. I advocate for organizations that sends informative agendas that directly impact lives.

Overall, I had a positive experience and got to learn many people’s backgrounds and experiences. I learned many participants who come from different states and countries with work experience from creative and technological backgrounds. Through my interactions with participants, I would say HackNight was a success!

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