What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Your probably wondering, what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Your probably wondering, what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI is the making of computational models of human behavior.  AI is something you would expect to see from a science fiction movie from the movie  Her (2013) or Ex Machina (2014). AI is more than a robotic machine, AI is already integrated through your mobile devices, to your car, to the way you shop online. In the next upcoming years, I believe AI will have an immediate impact in the following:

AI in Retail

Providing customer experience will be important for the retail industry. AI will change the gameplay of how customers buy online.

According to IBM, 91% of retail executives are familiar with AI will make a disruptive role in their organization.

Amazon have already adapted to this change of meeting with growing consumer needs. Consumers want to be in control of the shopping process, they want to discover, browse and purchase at time, place, location that is most convenient for them. Often times, customers may have trouble finding the items they need online, or finding the best items in stock. AI helps consumers by introducing products that’s most relevant to consumer’s interests through web history or information from social medias.

AI in Healthcare

It’s not surprising to mention that AI will directly impact healthcare. Similar to how AI will impact customer experience, AI will most likely affect patient experience in the healthcare setting.

Researchers have found that positive patient experience lead to overall improved health.

Patient experience will be a key determining factor in how patients are able to engage with their healthcare providers. With the development of digital devices and apps, technology will focus on matching patients with a suitable healthcare provider. In the healthcare setting, AI will be integrated more in invasive surgical devices and virtual health records. The focus of AI will be integrated on minimizing risks through surgical procedures.

AI will be more present by 2024

The future of shopping will be through digital platforms. Many retailers will use AI to gather customer information. AI is changing the game where customers will be able to select their items based on computer interaction. I believe retail companies will focus more on customer customization to sell brands. The AI health market is also expected grow tremendously in the next few years. Growth in the AI health market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021—that’s a compound annual growth rate of 40 percent.  To adapt to this change, healthcare organizations and providers must be able to understand AI applications so that AI will be able to improve workflow in the hospital, secure finances, and enhance patient experience.

Overall, AI will make a positive contribution in technological advancement. The best way to meet these changes is to understand the implication of how AI will impact society. My recommendation is to read articles on AI development and evolution. By learning more about AI and it’s impact, the more likely the world will be a better place.



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