Book Review: The Industries of The Future by Alec Ross

There are two types of thinkers: those who are frightened by the future and those who are excited about it

There are two types of thinkers: those who are frightened by the future and those who are excited about it. Throughout the book, Alec Ross reassures readers that the future can be exciting rather than frightening.

First Impressions of The Book

The book was a well-researched, insightful and thought provoking. I highly recommend the book to business and creative people. In The Industries of the Future, Ross describes the technological advancements that will drive economic growth. Each chapter is separated by the following topics: robotics, genomics, cyber security, and cryptocurrencies.

Ross takes on the concept of globalization and expands on the topic. He gives a broader perspective on what is occurring in other countries. With the help of innovation, many industries will go through a dramatic change. He also shares ideas about which nations and cities are best positioning themselves for these industries, to predict the next “Silicon Valley” of each field. When I began reading the book, I wanted to have further understanding of Bitcoin. It’s a complex topic but Ross explains the subject. By the reading his research, I have a better understanding of the topic.

The chapter I found most intriguing was the impact of mapping the human genome. Ross states that our genetic code can be deciphered at a fraction of the cost or time. This opens the door to move beyond one-size-fits-all medicine. Medication will be customized to match the specific characteristics of each patient’s genetic code. The author predicts that the possibilities of illnesses can be spotted much earlier and cures will be more effective.

Overall, the The Industries of the Future is a well worth reading for anyone pondering about what might the future hold. It’s a good read for an intellectual who’s wants to understand the fast changing pace of technology. The novel made me curious and excited about the brave new world that awaits us in the next few decades.

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