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Book Review: Hooked by Nir Eyal

Have you ever wondered why some social media apps or products gain popularity while some die over time? Eyal explains the Hook Model that encourages customer engagement. Hooked is written for designers, product managers, marketers, start-up founders, and anyone who seeks to understand how products influence human behavior.

First Impressions of the Book

I found this novel to be extremely valuable in gaining insights on the psychology of product design. The Hooked Model goes in depth with the four elements of trigger, action, variable rewards, and investments. Eyal writes how the four elements work together to form habit forming products. The interesting part is that habits are not equivalent to addiction, but rather, habits are a subconscious reaction to fill in users behavioral needs.

How to Apply The Hooked Model on Facebook

I realize why Facebook has grown tremendously over the years. In 2006, I’ve actively used Myspace rather then Facebook. At that time, Myspace was the most popular social media platform across the US. However, Myspace lost to Facebook. I’ve also realize how my own behavior subconsciously and unconsciously changed over time in the preference of Facebook’s hooked model.

There are a plethora of strategizes that contributed to Facebook’s success. One strategy that stood out to me was Facebook’s marketing efforts to reach out to inactive users. For instance, I recall receiving an e-mail message to enroll back to Facebook. I found this brilliant as it retained its older users. Another tactic is the social media’s clean user interface that made it easy for new users to sign-up and use the platform. Communication between friends has never been more easily accessible, engaging, and delightful.

By applying Eyal’s Hooked Model, I can observe how Facebook has perfected the social networking concept through external and internal triggers. Most importantly, I realize the importance of user research, especially why people use certain products to fill in the emotional gap. Eyal has masterfully woven this novel based on the scientific research on user’s behavior. Eyal provides practical information for readers to apply their knowledge in a world filled with habit forming products.

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