Make Your Own Summer Movie

Instagram  is known for being the perfect platform to take picturesque selfie. Yet, you don’t have to be a film-making expert to shoot a beautiful keepsake of your holidays, but some pointers would help. Pictures capturing all of the little memories from this summer and locking them away into a film, to look back on in the winter months or in years to come. Watching it will instantly transport you back to those moments, and feelings of sunshine and adventures will wash over you.

Even the process of making your film will give you a chance to experience each activity with more intention, as you’ll notice the little details and start to see your world in a different way. You can make a simple film entirely on your phone or tablet, and it’s not as hard as you might think to capture a cinematic film. Here are 5 effective camera angle shots to make your movie memorable:

1. Wide Angle


This is where you can see all of scenery and action. You would need to place yourself further back to give a wider view of what’s going on. This gives the background color depth and contrast compared to the focus object. You can also use the zoom out feature to gather in more light and background details.

2. Close Up

Flower close up

A close-up shot is my personal favorite. It’s a shot where you can zoom in and capture the moment of an object while having the blurriness in the background. The focus creates this sharpness where the viewer will pay more attention to the little details. This can be great shots to fill in the gaps of your films and help them flow.

3. Medium Shot

Sunset travling

In a medium angle, you’re pulling in a little close to the action or the person you’re shooting. You get to see more of your subject as it fills more of the frame. A selfie stick would definitely help capture mid-to high shot angles. You can tie the stick on a hard surface to shoot scenes without the camera shaking. It’s perfect for still-life and action scenes.

4. Looking Up

Amusement Park

We often forget to point our cameras up, to show the view from below. It makes another contrast for your audience. It also makes smaller object appear larger. This creates a dramatic movement that draws in watchers. You can adjust your selfie stick upward so that you don’t need to bend over to get the shots.

5. Follow Along

Couple traveling together

Follow along has the quality of bringing watchers in a first-person view. However, the camera movement can appear less stable. To fix this, move your camera with your subject, setting your focus on them and maintaining the same distance to keep them in focus and a similar composition.

Make a point of remembering to shoot little snippets of video regularly – even everyday if possible, as it’s great to practice as often as you can. Whenever you’re doing something that’s worth filming, make time to capture it. It can enhance your experience by noticing the little details that tell the whole story. After you’ve gathered small snippets, you should start editing them. There are many  video editing apps that helps you create videos and you can also include in your favorite music! Your summer film is such a gift for yourself in the future – I promise you’ll love it in years to come.



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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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