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6 Tips on Creating Your Own Unique Brand Identity

Have you recently started a blog or are you considering growing your own business?

Have you recently started a blog or are you considering growing your own business? Which ever you decide to choose, every business owner should learn how to establish their own brand. The way you communicate yourself online will determine how you can gain more leads, followers, sales and potential clients.

To stand out from the competition, businesses, big or small, should adapt to the audiences’ interest. A successful brand identity provides engaging content, visual representation, and story telling that draws users to check out your online presence. While this might seem overwhelming for new business owners who may not come from a digital background, but building a brand isn’t as hard as one think. Here are some simple 6 tips on how you can create a brand unique to your business.

1. Pick a Niche


For long term goals, it’s best to choose a niche that you are most familiar with. Whether it be in the e-commerce, healthcare, fashion, finance, or software space, you most likely will need to produce content that you have considerable knowledge in. When you produce content for a specific industry, it’s best to be consistent with your content so that you can attract the audience who may be interested in your service.

2. Choose Your Best Social Media Channel

Social Media

First, your website is the outmost priority before social media. After all, the presentation of your website is the front-end of your entire business. Yet, social media can be a powerful tool to circulate information about your service, and create a buzz that may ignite growth and traffic to your website. It’s also a great method to nurture your audience and engage them to recommend your product or service with friends or family. Keep note that not all social medias will work for your business, you may need to research on various social media features and functionalities that aligns with your brand.

3. Show Some Color


According to HubSpot, showcasing colors has proven to have a big impact on how people perceive your brand. Certain colors can invoke emotions that contributes to the user experience. For instance, the color red may instigate the feeling of urgency or a call to action. While a shade of cool blue would bring the feeling of calm and tranquility. When choosing your colors for your business, it’s highly recommended to choose no more than three color schemes.

4. Plan Your Content


The title speaks for itself, yet it’s important to plan out content for the next several weeks in advance. Researching the topic, creating the content, and executing it will take a considerable amount of the day. If your planning to publish content on social media, then you should draft the content on a social media calendar to keep track of the daily posts.

5. Bring Out Your Personality

Brand Identity

Employer branding is very important. Successful employer branding brings new talent into your team as well as potential clients who seeks your service. As the global economy picks up, there is growing concern among CEOs about finding and keeping the best talent to achieve their growth ambitions. For the best outcome, employee engagement and advocacy is your best bet in retaining your employees, and you may get that extra bonus of receiving positive testimonials on major review sites such as Yelp or Glassdoor.

6. Tell a Story

Story Telling

Don’t just list your services and products, tell an impactful story. How did you create your business and what made you decide to pursue it? Sharing the mission of your company sets you apart from your competitors. To retain clients long-term, and to make them come back to seek for your service, one must establish a solid client relationship. Successful execution of one’s business is important in attracting prospective clients.

And there you have it! Think creatively about how to impress your audience with your marketing campaigns. If you have some trouble trying to piece this together on your own, you can always hire a creative agency or independent freelancers who can take your brand to the next level.

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