Paid Social Media Advertisements: Is it Worth It?

Have you ever scrolled down on your favorite social media platform and saw a sponsored advertisement? Little did you know that you can also run your own advertisements on your account.

First you would need to set up a business account to promote your brand, service, or product. Whether you are a blogger, freelancer, or a business owner, I believe paid social media advertisements are definitely worth it. Here’s why:

1. Increase Your Likes and Followers

Facebook Ads

When running a campaign, one can choose between increasing their likes or followers on a page. The best feature of paid advertisements is the autonomy in choosing the types of campaigns you want to promote.  The ads may look slightly different depending on how you set it up, especially if you are more concerned about brand awareness rather then gaining new followers.

2. Bring the Right Web Traffic Through Social Media


Did you know? You can refer traffic from your social medias to your website. This is a common tactic marketers use to increase conversion rate. You can integrate your website link into a specific content. That way, when users scroll on your ads, they will most likely find the link.

3. Select Your Targeted Audience

Audience Targeting
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Almost all social medias ads allows you to target an audience. You can go on the ads setting and choose the location, age, and even the gender of your followers. It’s a powerful tool to concentrate the audience that you want to reach, and the result can be more favorable for business owners who’s trying to appeal to the followers who will most likely will use their service.

4. Promote Sales

Image by The Impero Blog

Thinking about selling a product? Studies have shown an increase in online shopping over the past few years. Now, it’s easier then ever to customize a ‘Buy Now’ button on the bottom section of the content. The best part is that the transaction it can be done on the platform. This is an effective method to make shopping more accessible and easy to use.

5. Receive Instant Response

Instant Chatting

Social media platforms are designed to make instant messaging a breeze. The plays a big role in how customers respond to ads. User empathy  have been a key role player in reaching out to consumers. Users enjoy watching videos or visual graphics that find solutions for real world problems. The heart of ads is to solve users’ emotional needs. This will provoke triggers that will lead to a successful return of investment.

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