How to Sell Your Favorite Products on Social Media

Have a product in mind to sell? Social Media is a social platform that’s convenient for shopping. This social network has long been a source of the success for many online businesses. With millions of users around the world, you can be sure that your potential customers are there to buy your products. A world of endless opportunities is waiting for you, but only if you are able to initiate them.

1. Facebook

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Selling on Facebook is now one of the most common online marketing activities. Whatever the industry, product, or service, it is very likely that your competitors already sell on Facebook. To successfully run a Facebook campaign, you will need to create an engaging content that catches the eyes of the customer. Visual graphics plays an important part in leading the customer to your main website.  Recently, Facebook allowed page users to catalog their products online, and process payments directly through Facebook.

2. Instagram

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This year, Instagram has become a major platform for online shopping. Instagram wants you to shop without always having to interrupt your scrolling with a browser window.  The products tag price is hidden behind a “Tap to view products” button. After selecting a product of choice, users will see an in-app details page with a specific product’s price, description, additional photos, and a “Shop Now” button to buy it on the web. The most successful campaigns includes items worn among average people instead of staged models. Customers loves seeing their friends or influencers wear their favorite fashion brand on the go. This creates the motivation for them to likely purchase the item from you.

3. Pinterest

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Once you’ve started selling on Facebook or Instagram. It’s an easy trap to believe you’ve pretty much conquered them all. However, Pinterest is a lot different from other conventional platforms. Users can create pins by uploading images and links manually, stumble across pins they want to see in their feed, or find pins they’re looking for via search. Pinterest is designed to store ideas and inspiration in a way other social media sites don’t utilize these functions. Users are encouraged to organize what they find into different boards for easy navigation, and most pinners are primarily on Pinterest seeking and saving what they want to see.

Before you implement a social media campaign, make sure you have the right product in mind. Choose a product that fits with your niche, interests, and knowledge. Avoid copying an item from other sellers. You want to be unique that sets you competitively well from the rest of the sellers. Use separate content to market different types of products and to different audiences. Remember, a successful sale depends on user research, item quality, and engaging content.

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