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Is Email Marketing Dead? Here’s What Statistics Show

In recent years, marketers have used various email marketing tools to promote brands. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses virtual mail as a means of communicating messages to an a potential or current customer. You’re probably wondering, ‘is email marketing still relevant in 2018 or is it completely dead?’

Let’s get straight to the point: email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is thriving.  Companies that really do it well understand the whole experience of a subscriber. I believe that’s really at the core of effective email marketing campaign. One should ask, ‘How is it received? How is it interpreted? And what action do you as a marketer or business owner want subscribers to take?’

According to research, by the end of 2019, we can expect to see 2.9 billion worldwide email users. About 269 billion emails were sent out in 2017 alone, and this figure is expected to grow to almost 320 billion daily emails by 2021. I believe that B2B and B2C companies should increase the value of email marketing by nailing down what their subscribers want and need from them.

email marketing

Emailing Can Be Cost Effective

Sending out email campaigns can be totally free. There are many types of email marketing softwares such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign. Compared to investing in paid social media and Google Ads, e-mails might be cost effective to business owners who seeks to directly communicate with their customers. With free email marketing services, you can gather contacts with forms and landing pages, send emails automatically through RSS feeds and drip email schedules, and track results often with CRM tools. All of this will be customizable for your brand, so your emails stand out from the crowd.


Personalization is important so that your emails are extremely relevant, timely, and made for the recipient. For each email campaign, a marketer can perform the user research to learn more about the subscribers. That way, when the email is written, it will include a personal note to the customer of why you believe your brand will match their interests. Another key element to personalizing the email is through design and layout. In my recent post, I write about how good a emails include detail oriented visuals that guides the user to the intended product or service.

Call To Action

Your subscriber probably don’t know what to do next after joining your email list, and it’s essential to direct them in the next step of the process. An effective call-to-action includes a button that directs them to your website or another sponsored organization. Keep your email layouts simple and don’t over-do it on the number of buttons and hyperlinks. If you’re trying to measure the effectiveness of the emails, I recommend performing A/B testing. This test helps determine which designs provided more conversation rates of the campaign.

Keeping these options in mind, brainstorm to figure out what would work well for your business. If you need help with getting emails and newsletters coded and designed for your campaigns, get in touch with me at

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