My Birthday was on September!

Times flies when you’re busy. When I started my new job, my birthday just flew over my head. Luckily, I’m glad to take the time to spend my birthday with friends and family.

On my birthday, my friend cooked me a sushi dinner. The bowl includes veggies, salmon, brown noodles, and white rice. It was delicious! I appreciate the preparation my friend did for my birthday.

On Friday, I went to Jubilee with family members. I tried out the deserts because I’ve heard good reviews about the cheesecakes and coffee. The cafe was really hip! I would recommend it for anyone looking for a modern and fun cafe.

Overall, I was touched by the well-wishes I’ve received from my close friends and family. Birthdays are a one in a year reminder to appreciate the little things in life. I’m looking forward to spending more birthdays with the people I care about.

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