5 Night Time Routines That Makes You Feel Awesome Tomorrow Morning

Do you ever wake up feeling insanely groggy in the morning?

Sometimes, you may think it might be that you didn’t get enough sleep, but it’s not the quantity of sleep you’re getting, but rather the quality of sleep. Having a nightly routine is just as important as your morning routine.

That way, you can get a good night sleep, and feel energetic and renewed the next morning. A nightly routine doesn’t have to be long in the morning – it can only be 30 mins long. You’ll feel much more refreshed and ready to tackle on a new day.

1. Reflection

Every night, take 5 minutes of the night to reflect on your day. Ask yourself, ‘What did I do today that made a positive impact?’ It’s important to look back on some ways for self improvement. If you had a rough day, then jot down 3 to 4 things that you could do better next time.

Being mindful of your own action helps you become prepared. For instance, starting the day with negative thoughts might make it worse. In contrast, approaching difficulties through positivity may change the way in how you handle a rough day.

2. Prioritization

While reflecting, prioritize your goals. You want to feel energized by your newly founded goal, and not mentally be drained by them. Choose between 2-3 goals on your list and stick with them closely. When you achieved them, check it from the list and move on to your next priority.

If you didn’t make up for the last goal, you can always switch it up or give yourself more time to work on it. There’s no set rules for prioritizing your short and long-term goals, it’s the matter of which tasks needs to be addressed first.

3. Meditate

Meditation doesn’t only have to be only a daytime activity. Studies have shown that meditation have positive effects on deep sleep. By relaxing the body and mind, you let your body be in a state of calmness throughout the night.

Chances are, you haven’t tapped into the level of sleep that allows you to feel more rested at night. When meditating, start by laying down on your back with your arms stretched out. Inhale for 7 seconds from the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. Dim down the lights and close your eyes. You can also turn on some relaxing music during the activity.

4. Massage

After a long and peaceful meditation, you can massage your back and legs to allow the blood circulate through the body. This helps you expand your cardiovascular system and allows more oxygen to the brain.

Start by massaging your shoulders with a firm tennis ball or a small yoga ball to loosen the knots between the neck and shoulders. You can also use your bare hands to rub your shoulders, legs, and feet.

5. Read a book

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.07.58 PM.png

As you snuggle in bed, try to stray away from looking at your phone. The illuminating light coming from the screen can cause you to have wakefulness during the night. And this may prolong your bedtime schedule.

Instead, catch up on a good book that you were meaning to read for a while.  Pour in a cup of tea or warm milk while you read through another chapter of your favorite book. When committing to these simple night routines, you’ll feel much rested and lulled into a good night sleep.



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