Mindful Habits To Practice For a Happier Holiday

The holiday season is coming in full swing soon. Sometimes, preparing for the holidays can be fun but stressful. You may forget to take a moment and appreciate the precious moments that make the holidays unique. With the hustle and bustle of planning the family get-togethers and trying to finish your last minute gift shopping, take some time to reduce your stress and focus on the things you’re grateful for this holiday.

holiday mindfulness

Shop Mindfully

You’re probably overwhelmed with the marketing machine of your favorite brands. This might tempt you to buy pretty much everything that entices you. Make it a habit to think about the gifts you believe would make a positive impact to your loved ones. The more personalized the gift, the better it can connect with that person.

Get Rest and Take Breaks

Remember to take breaks in-between your shopping spree. Unplug from your phone and computer and do absolutely nothing for an hour. You might feel that you might be falling behind on your schedule, but taking small breaks allows you to recharge and helps you bring back to the holiday mood.

Avoid Rushing

You might feel compelled to rush through your holiday list. However, this might leave you feeling burnt out quicker. Take it slowly by managing your time well. I’ve written The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity. The key to high productivity is to take breaks when needed, organizing your time, and prioritizing the goals that are most important to you.

Prioritize Better

A lot of your stressors can be greatly reduced if you prioritize more efficiently. Take your list of to-dos and organize which goals you would like to tackle on first. My suggestion would be work on the tasks that are time-consuming and challenging. And trail down to the small goals that can be done quickly. This leaves you some free time to focus on yourself.

Be Grateful

Unfortunately, every year, the holidays have switched to the superficial trend of receiving tons of gifts. However, materialistic goods can temporarily make you happy. The joys of the holidays are really counting your blessings for your friends and family. So give thanks by being kind to your closest friends and relatives.

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