Reasons To Check Your Phone Less And Live In The Present Moment

Are you on the phone a lot? Chances are, being online makes you less alert in your surroundings. Which makes you miss out on important details of your personal life.

It’s Distracting

Let’s face it. Have you ever had moments where you were distracted around your surroundings because you’ve been glued into your screen? I sure did, but I learned that I miss out on important details such as viewing the sunset or looking at a gorgeous view of a city landscape.

Not only does it distract you from your surroundings, but you might also be less focused on completing your day-to-day tasks. Have you felt unaccomplished or unproductive in one day or a week? You may see a vast difference in productivity level if you cut down on your online usage.

It May Affect The Quality Of Your Sleep

Tuning into your electronics an hour before bed may affect the quality of your sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, electronics usage before bed has been associated with melatonin suppression, a hormone that induces relaxation. The blue light that illuminates from your skin may increase your alertness, which can reduce the frequency of REM sleep.

It’s best to substitute electronics with a good book. Personally, I enjoy reading a physical book with low reading light. I also own a Kindle which is an e-reader that doesn’t have the bright blue light. If you don’t know which book to read, start with choosing a book that fits into your genre preference. Do you love action, drama, or romance? You may want to choose a series that will keep you on the edge every night.

You Become Less Social

There’s some truth that being glued to your phone prevents you from socializing with other folks. I remember my college professor would encourage students to shut down their phones for the entire lecture. Some students would complain, but I realize that my classmates started conversing with each other. This created an open-conversation where students shared their ideas and feelings about meaningful topics.

Ironically, while social media usage and text messaging is also considered to be conversing with someone. You start to realize that a genuine conversation begins when you put away their phone and introduce yourself to someone next to you.

It Can Become An Addiction

You may need to watch out that relying on your phone can become a form of addiction. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, warns his own customers on social media usage. That’s why Apple has been implementing a feature where you can track your screen times.

I believe the best type of intervention is really tracking your social media usage time. This way, you can start cutting down how many hours you’ve been spending on your phone. Remember, you should be controlling how you’re spending your time online, it shouldn’t be the other way around.



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