Starting to Feel the Cold? Here’s How You Can Become Flu Free

You heard it. As the weather becomes blazing cold, you may be more self-conscious about catching the flu.

Symptoms To Watch Out For

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Usually, the flu starts out with a mild cold. However, these small symptoms can quickly become the flu if you don’t take measures preventing it. Some key symptoms to watch out for are high fevers and body aches.

#1 Prevention – Get The Flu Shot

You might be going back and forth on whether you should get the flu shot. Perhaps, you might be skipping the flu shot altogether.¬†Here’s the catch. The most common misconception is that the flu shot gives you the flu – which frankly isn’t true. The goal of the flu shot is to boost your immune system by exposing you to an ‘inactive’ or ‘killed’ virus.

This inactive virus is essentially a “fake virus” so you won’t be infected with the flu. It works by strengthening the immune system. Some people may or may not receive any side effects of the flu shot. And if you do, it’s usually mild and goes away after several days.¬†Connect with your doctor for possible allergies to vaccination. By speaking with your doctor and addressing your concerns, this will help you leave out any doubts.

Wash Your Hands Well

The safest intervention for preventing the flu is good hygiene. Germs are everywhere – literally everywhere. Chances are, you’re touching your face with your hands frequently. This might cause a higher risk for the virus to enter the body. It’s recommended to wash your hands for 20 seconds each time. Not in the mood to count? Then, hum the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. This should be enough for you to wash your hands thoroughly.

Keep Your Desk and Room Sparkling Clean

Get some disinfecting wipes and start cleaning your desk and your room. You’re more likely to spend time collecting germs outside, but it can come into your bedroom too. The last thing you want is the virus to hang around the desk and furniture. I recommend disinfecting your area every week.

Being flu-free is no easy task. But getting vaccinated is a first step in protecting yourself and your loved ones. The vaccination doesn’t guarantee that you will become flu-free, but it’s better to have some resistance to the flu than none. If you do experience some cold or flu symptoms, you should stay home and avoid contact with other people (with the exception that you need medical care).

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