The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

Believe it or not, there has been myriad of books, articles, and quotes about how to achieve happiness. Everybody is striving to be in this state of mind by going so far to hiring a Life Coach to assist them in their day-to-day activities. 

How does one exactly achieve ‘true happiness’? The term is can be misinterpreted in a variety of ways. Often times, happiness is a fleeting emotion. When the hormone, dopamine, reaches the brain, we feel a sense of satisfaction, gratitude, and fulfillment. However, our brain also gets exposure to other hormones that trigger sadness, anger, and anxiety. All of these emotions are normal process during each life stages of development.

 I believe that we should abandon the idea of striving for happiness (which is often elusive term by the way) and focus on finding purpose. And our purpose is to help each other. When we help others we feel happy, we boost our overall well-being by giving our energy, time, and resources to causes we passionately care about. Research has shown that people who volunteer report better health and more happiness than people who do not volunteer. 


 Whether it’s serving meals at a homeless shelter, or orchestrating a clothing drive, there are numerous ways for you to get active in the community and make a difference. My favorite fundraising charity organization is Stand Up To Cancer. I’ve also volunteered in my local nursing home where I’ve learned the wisdom from senior citizens. Over the past few years of volunteering, I’ve learned that small gestures and random acts of kindness really do make a difference.

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