How To Make New Year Resolutions and Stick To Them

Trying to lose weight? Or quit smoking? We’ve all been there. We set big resolutions every New Years, but we just don’t stick to most of them. Not being able to keep your resolutions till February, March, or April can cause some anxiety.

However, it’s important that the New Year isn’t meant to go through a sweeping character change. After all, most people have been running on routines for years. It takes longer to break away from past routines and establish new ones. But with small and measurable steps, you can slowly achieve most of your resolutions. And here’s how.

Start with Small Resolutions

Take one goal at a time. Start with a goal that’s the least time consuming. Most importantly, make sure it’s a resolution that you can keep. If you don’t know whether you can commit, try hitting down which resolution is least important to you. Then discard those and focus on the ones that’s on the top.

Change One Behavior at a Time

When you’re overwhelmed with all the expectations to suddenly change your habits, you’ll most likely procrastinate or give up on your resolution. Again, changing an old habit takes time. So you’re better off taking one behavioral change at a time. You don’t want swallow more than you can chew, so really focus on one quality you want to develop (ex: positivity, bravery, focus, peacefulness etc).

Talk About It

Discussing about your resolutions with your friends and family can make you more motivated to go for it. There’s nothing more awesome then your loved ones rooting for you. You may also receive some advice from others that may positively impact your resolutions.

Keep a Progress Journal

Writing down your progress daily will help you stay on track. You can write on a physical notebook or blog on social media sites. The bottom line is that journaling is a great outlet to express your thoughts and opinions about your daily routines. You may even find it easier to priorities your goals.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

As the months go by, and if you feel like you didn’t made much progress, don’t beat yourself up. If the goal really matters to you, I highly encourage to reflect on answering the “why” of your resolutions. Then, go back to your progress journal and observe where you might need more improvement.

Ask For Help

If you find yourself struggling to make important lifestyle changes, don’t be afraid to ask for help. As much as we think we can handle everything on our own, we all have certain limitations in our own ability. Asking for help brings new insights, opinions and better strategy. It might help you get unstuck both physically, spiritually and emotionally. You can connect with a close friend, relative, or a professional who can assist you at the right time.

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