What Your Favorite Social Media Platform Says About You

In this modern times, we’re all hooked into our social media, but the platform we choose tells a lot about our interests and channel of expression. Whether you’re looking to share your top-notch selfie, or discover a new platform, here’s why I believe your favorite social media can highlight your personality.

Social Media and Your Personality


Facebook is a classic choice for current and new users. If you’re a Facebook fan, you probably have already marked a presence on your profile. It’s an ideal platform for someone who wants to stay connected with past friends, relatives, and classmates. You’re also the person that wants to know everything that’s going on in the world!


Are you a visual person? Then you’ll love Instagram. You’ve probably come across people who post anything for the likes (quite literally). Everyone wants to become those “Insta-famous” people. Just grab a camera and take some stunning pictures! Instagram is a place where you can find mostly lifestyle content.


Have quick and fleeting thoughts? Twitter is where people can chat just about anything! If you’re a Twitter fan, it’s safe to say you’ve shared some of the funniest jokes. Short, sweet, and to the point, that’s your style. Your geared to share the wittiest of jokes in less than 280 characters.


You’re a wannabe professional who wants to make it big. Better yet, you’re a professional who sometimes like to casually chat on LinkedIn. But let’s face it, you might see the occasional memes. You might see someone posting a gif of cats in an office setting while scrolling on your feed.


As a blogger who used various online journaling site. Tumblr is a great source to get inspirations from other bloggers. You’re probably on Tumblr for the funny memes. I know it, we know it, and that’s totally cool.


If you’re obsessed with sharing the small details of your personal life, then Snapchat is for you. You’ve listed your entire schedule on the platform so people knew where you were at all time. But, if you love sending funny selfies to your friends, then you’re my favorite kind of person.


Quora what? This might seem new to most of you, but have you ever heard of Yahoo Answers? Those were the good times, but you can find helpful and constructive answers on Quora too. If you are a Quora user, then you know what to expect: answers that can be found by a simple Google Search. We’ve been there, but somehow, we see the same person asking the same question over and over again.

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  1. Facebook- posting for relatives and close friends knowledge of what’s gappening to you lately.

    Instagram-posting photos because you know the insta users are all appreciative of art

    Twitter-where rants can go. Relatives mostly can’t find it. ? When you say “I feel sick!” People will just ignore you or say “me too” ? post that on FB amd all the relatives will ask you what you have been doing lately that caused your sickness! ???

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