My Top 5 December Favorites

With the Christmas cheer behind us, I’ve received several gifts for December. I love them! While snuggling under a warm fire, I’ve also caught up on several Netflix shows. With a new year comes a new makeup line, accessories, books, and shows oh my! Here are my top December favorites.

1. LILUStudio

I’m usually not much of a jewelry person. However, I was drawn into minimalistic jewelry. I saw people posting them on Instagram and Tumblr. They looked very delicate, feminine, and simple. Initially, I was concerned that it would be expensive. But after a little research, I found out that most of them are relatively cheap.

My second concern was the quality because cheap metal would irritate my skin and cause redness. But when I came across LILUStudio on Etsy, I was impressed by the design and affordability. The jewelry artist handmade and designed her own line of jewelry! So I bought a pair of earrings and I was blown away by the quality. They were light, elegant, and beautiful. I was so glad that it didn’t irritate my skin. My ears are non-pierced so these were perfect to wear without getting a piercing done.

I bought the golden hoop earrings!
How they look on me.

In terms of durability, I haven’t quite worn it long enough to know how long it would last. But I’m not so worried because I don’t wear jewelry every day. I’ve also received several compliments! Some have asked me if they were real. Overall, I am very pleased by the simplicity and elegance of the earrings. They are my favorite jewelry. If you’re looking for unique and affordable jewelry, checkout LILUStudio.

2. Makeup Stash

I try to keep my makeup minimalistic. The motto I follow is to own less but keep a consistent makeup line. This helps lessen the clutter and prevent unused makeup to collect dust. Recently, I swapped out my foundation with Tarte and it was awesome! Their brand is my favorite foundation. I love the variety of skin tones I can choose from. I also got the Pat Mcgrath eye shadow as a gift. The eyeshadows are darker and different from my current collection.

3. Complete Wellness

Who’s into holistic health? I am!

I recently started to read about natural remedies. Complete Wellness was the perfect gift to learn about holistic health. From relaxation tips to healthy eating, the book dives into helpful advice and DIYs on herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and homemade goods.

4. Favorite Artist of the Month

Occasionally, I follow artists trending online. I came across Jiwoon‘s work on a lifestyle magazine called In The Moment. I believe it was the second edition that caught my attention on her artwork. With subtle and intrinsic detail, her work combines surrealism, people and nature.

5. Black Mirror Bandersnatch

Along with the hype train in Netflix, it seemed like every single person I knew was asking me to watch Bird Box and Black Mirror. So I watched both. Horror isn’t exactly my cup of tea. If you’re into sci-fi thriller, then Black Mirror may really knock your noggin. It’s an interactive film where you can go through five different endings. Without spoiling the plot, I can only say that it makes you ponder about how technology can make an emotional and psychological impact.

That’s it for this month! Stay tuned for my January favorites.



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