How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog

Interested in starting your blog? Whether you’re writing, designing, teaching or taking photography pictures. Finding a niche is something that plays a huge role in your success. It’ll help you determine who your audience is, which blog post ideas to focus on and which products you need to create. Most importantly, it’ll help you maintain focus as you plan out your editorial schedule and overall business and marketing strategies.

In this post, we’re going to go over what a blogging niche is, why your blog needs one and the steps you can take to find yours. We’ll then go over the steps you should take upon finding your niche as it’ll unlock a number of different tasks for you to tackle. Let’s get started.

What is a Blog Niche?

Similar to how you write an essay. You might see topics that are too broad. An example is an umbrella term such as “exercise.” It’s best to target a niche market audience such as “yoga.” A keynote is that there is no such thing as a perfect recipe for blogging. I’ve seen tons of blogs that are general, but I’ve also seen bloggers who share a specific niche. When starting out, you might write general content to test the waters, but you may discover your niche later.

Why Does Your Blog Need a Niche?

The reasons why your blog needs a niche are simple, and we’ve already named the majority of them. For search engine optimization wise, it’s proven that being too broad may make it difficult to increase in traffic, search engine rankings, affiliate sales, and product marketing. You’re also not going to stand out when you are competing with hundreds of other bloggers. Creating a niche-oriented blog may help you become more memorable and unique.

According to The Balance Small Business, some of the most profitable niches include the following:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Making Money Online
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Finance
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • DIY Home Decor
  • Technology

Step 1: Consider Your Interests

As cliche as this sounds, expressing your interest is really important when you blog. It motivates you to write more clearly about your thoughts. In a blank sheet of paper, write out your hobbies, interests, and passion. Circle the ones you feel strongly about. At this point, you’re only writing your broad interests.

Step 2: Consider What You Know Best

From the circled interest, make child branches next to them to highlight a specific topic that you know best. Writing what you know is better than spending countless hours on a topic you don’t know much about. This doesn’t imply you should research when you need to, but having an already established knowledge is helpful in writing proficiently.

Step 3: Create Value to Your Audience

The key takeaway is that you must create value with your content. Your followers want to read content that’s helpful, informative and relatable. Most of us want to be entertained too. So cracking that last minute joke on the internet or sharing your advice can create a higher engagement rate. So don’t worry about making it picture perfect, just try to create some content to get your point across clearly.

The Bottom Line

Don’t be afraid to get messy and try new things. If one niche didn’t work out, or you grew disinterested, then move unto something else. Everybody’s interest, hobbies, and even careers change time-to-time. So don’t get stuck on one thing for too long. One other thing to consider is whether or not your blog niche idea can be made into an entire blog. What I mean is, can you come up with an entire year’s worth of blog posts for this topic? Take that into consideration as well. Once you’re ready to write a blog, I recommend platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. You can host your domain on Google or any hosting service.



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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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