Essential Apps for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Keeping up diet resolutions are challenging, but I found some apps that help puts me in the right track. While I don’t have the time for a personal fitness trainer or a dietician, I realize I have everything I need on my mobile apps.

Headspace: Meditation

I read countless articles and books about the positive health benefits of meditation. There are audios of instructors that guide you through the process. It’s super easy and I find the interface easy to navigate. The app categorize each health goals ranging from sleep, relaxation and productivity.

Healthy Food Meal Prep Planner

I absolutely love Healthy Food. They make cooking easy. With is eye catching dishes, Healthy Food took away the headache of making meals on busy days. I draw inspiration from the videos when I want my food to look unique. I look forward to every new video.

Workout for Women: Fitness App

Working at a desk all day, I realize I can easily gain some pounds without much effort. This year, I wanted to melt some pounds right at home. I downloaded this app and found it pretty useful! I’m already seeing results. My muscles feel a lot more tighter and firmer. I recommend this app for any women who wants to follow a workout that fits with their body type.

Lumosity: Daily Brain Games

I really enjoy braining training games. So I searched for one at the App Store. I find Lumosity to be fun and challenging. They have games ranging from puzzles, matching, and memory. The UI is colorful and makes you instantly hooked. I play this app when I want to boost my IQ and train my brain to think critically.

Flipp – Weekly Shopping

I’ve been looking for a finance app but I wasn’t too keen on connecting my bank account to a third party app. So I tried to find another app that would help with my budgeting and I discovered Flipp. Flipp is an online coupon app that offers discounts and deals from your local convenience stores. It is super convenient because you don’t need to drive to get a newsletter coupon. It’s displayed and categorized in this app.

That’s it for now! I highly recommend trying out these apps. I’m sure it’s an added plus then a minus. Just make sure you have some budget for apps because some have monthly or yearly subscription fees. But most of them are free.


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