I Learned That Self Care Is So Important. Here’s Why’s

Many of us lead busy lives. We sit on our desk, anticipating piles of work to tackle. Or rather, you’re working on acing that next big test in the following week. Whatever it is, we almost always forget to pay attention to our own physical and mental needs. Here, I’ll share with you some solid reasons why you should practice self-care and tips on how you can integrate them into your daily routine.

Importance of Self-Care

It Affects Your Physical and Mental Health. When our body becomes constantly under stress, our physical and mental health deteriorates over time. Depending on your age, you may not notice it right away. But over time, these external stressors can take a toll on the body later. If you’re experiencing prolonged symptoms associated with stress, it’s best to consult with a physician.

It Gives You Time To Be Alone. Believe it or not, focusing on yourself is a state of solitude and not loneliness. Depending on whether you’re introverted or extroverted, we all need a quiet moment to self-reflect. This helps us easily slip into meditation and relaxation. You’ll appreciate the times when you are alone and at peace with yourself.

It Makes You More Creative. Taking time away from your daily routine may help facilitate creativity. When we go into auto-pilot, we don’t really try new things outside of our typical routines. Self-care can break that cycle. You may come back to your work with a renewed sense of optimism and energy.

How You Can Practice Self-Care:

Strive Towards a Healthy Life and Work Balance. If your schedule is jammed packed with an endless to-do list. Cut down on some of the tasks. There’s a limit of how much you can get done throughout the day, but you need some period of time to recharge. Take 10 minutes of your day to meditate or go for an hour jog at the park.

Stress-management. Self-care is great for reducing stress. Ditch the daytime naps with some soothing music and meditation. Or pamper yourself by taking a warm bath.  The best part is that this doesn’t take a huge chunk of your time. You’ll just be swapping your existing routine with therapeutic remedies instead. Hopefully, this will declutter your thoughts and help boost your mood.

Start living your life more meaningfully. Your time is precious. So why worry over frivolous things that don’t matter to you? Of course, you feel the weight of your responsibilities stacking up one by one, but think of the bigger picture. Are you heading toward closer to goals that matter the most to you? Share laughter with friends and family. Better yet, smile and initiate a conversation with another person. You’ll only have one moment to spend, so cherish it.

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