5 Mistakes to Avoid On a Keto Diet

For several months, I’ve tried the keto diet. It’s a popular diet that widely accepted around the globe. If you’re on a keto diet, you might notice that the results don’t show right away. While trying out this diet, I found some common pitfalls you can avoid during this lifestyle change.

For those who are new to this diet trend, it’s essentially the process of transforming your diet into a low-carb and high-fat diet. It’s eliminating your carbs and proteins and maximizing food that’s high in fat. This puts your body in a state of ketosis. Before making the head start on the diet, make sure with your doctor on whether this diet is the right fit for you. It’s very intense, and most people can’t commit to a drastically different diet right away.

If you’re already a couple of weeks or a few months into this diet. I can so relate to the ups and downs. You’re counting your macros and micros, but the pounds just don’t melt off. All too soon, you feel like you’ve gained more weight in the long run. This is often a common problem when going through any diet. I found some key tips that may ease the challenges.

1. Snacking too much. Chances are, you might adding in the extra calories by munching on snacks. Even healthy snacks such as nuts, cheese, and avocado can add in an extra pound. Try not to eat snacks excessively and only eat them when you are extremely hungry. Moderation is important, so eat them at the same time throughout the day.

2. Not complimenting your diet with exercise. Now that you’ve maximized your body with fat. You also need to complement your diet with exercise. Storing in fat, and letting your stomach to do the burning for you is not very effective. You can accelerate your metabolism by doing hard aerobic exercise. You’ll surely see some results afterward.

3. You’re eating too much saturated fat. Yes, keto is a high-fat diet. Remember, there are both good and bad fats. Food that contains high in omega 3 such as fish, avocado, nuts, and salmon are great sources of natural fats.

4. You’re not drinking enough water. When you’re limiting yourself from carbs, you’re actually losing a lot of water in the body. To prevent dehydration, drink a tall glass of water. Drinking enough water keeps your body working properly throughout the day.

5. You’re avoiding fruit and vegetables. Sometimes when we get too consumed with avoiding certain foods, we begin to unconsciously avoid important foods such as fruit and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables is very important. It contains essential nutrients that keep you feeling healthy and energized.

After several months, I realize I did shed a couple of pounds. I wouldn’t say that keto was the main reason for my weight loss. I believe that committing to daily exercise really helps keep your body in shape and burns calories at the same time. Of course, your body is a temple so a keto diet can either greatly or slightly impact you. For me, eating a non-carb diet was challenging because I can feel myself being tired when I’m working out at the gym. I realize later that I need some carbs to fuel my energy during aerobic exercise. As a result, I went and changed my diet accordingly.

Trying out a keto diet was a truly unique experience. It was very intense and challenging, so I believe it’s not for the faint of heart.





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