How to Start Your Spring Cleaning Early

Spring is approaching very soon. There’s nothing as refreshing as swapping out your winter clothes and tidying up your living space. Spring cleaning is a common routine you’ve probably heard of. If you’re new to it, then this article will explain how you can start it early. Making the commitment to clean your home might be overwhelming. With these helpful tips, you’ll get through the cleaning process without breaking a sweat.

Go room by room

While you might feel compelled to clean your entire house in one fell swoop, you might end up creating more messes while cleaning. Take it one room at a time. Start by cleaning your bedroom and slowly move your way to your living room and then your kitchen. Split it into days or weeks. For example, one week, you might focus on cleaning your bedroom. The second week might be tackling your living room. Taking small chunks out of your week to focus on your spring cleaning routine can make it a realistic goal.

Purchase the right cleaning gear

The first step is to have the right cleaning gear with you. Cleaning isn’t about just throwing out unnecessary items. It’s about taking the germs that accumulated over the winter and wiping them out. Some basic utilities include disinfected wipes, rubber gloves, carpet spot cleaner, sponger, and dust cleaner. Then place them in a basket so that it’s easier for you to carry them around the house.

Declutter everything

After wiping away the germs from every surface you see, you’re ready to declutter. If your room is semi-messy, start by throwing out unnecessary items first. That way, you have fewer items to organize. First, take all of your clothes and place them on your bed. And sort out the clothes you won’t wear the following year. For desk items, make sure to have folders to organize all of your paperwork. Sort out each item by category, and group them together. This makes it easier to find them later.

Clean out your fridge

The fridge is probably the last place you would consider cleaning out. Foods can go bad easily and can spread germs. Check the expiration dates and toss out ones that are approaching its due date. You probably won’t finish them. Then, wipe the surface of the shelves and doors. You can also take out the entire shelves to thoroughly wash them out. Once everything is cleaned, start grouping food together. It makes things tidy and you can store in more food with the extra space.

Decorate your room

Now that your house is coming together, it’s time for the fun part: decorate! Bringing color and personality to your room will boost your mood. Place some fresh flowers and spread them across the room. Flowers bring a new scent of spring that will make you happy. You can also place new furniture to revamp your space. Adding in a new element to your home can create a renewed sense of energy and atmosphere.



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