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For the longest time, I’ve always been curious about trying out Blue Apron or HelloFresh. The good news is that my client gave me a 25% discount for HelloFresh. I was elated at the idea of experiencing a meal kit straight at home. So I decided to try this out.

Disclaimer: **This article is not sponsored by HelloFresh (although I welcome HelloFresh for sponsorship opportunities!)**

About HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a meal-kit company that aims to provide wholesome home cooked meals right at your home with no hassles, no shopping, and no planning. They provide tons of recipes from simple to gourmet-style meals.

My Experience

I started by entering the coupon code on the site and select their meal plan. They have various plans ranging from a couple to a family. I chose a plan that includes three meals for one week. Once I placed my order, I downloaded the HelloFresh mobile app to see my order and personalize my account.

After a couple of days, I received my box on my doorstep!

What’s nice about the packaging is that everything is recyclable. So if you care about sustainability, then you don’t need to worry about creating waste with their packaging.

The food was also well insulated because the box contained ice. The foam surrounding the inner parts of the box also kept the food cool and dry even though it was placed outside for a couple of hours.

The first thing I noticed was the vibrant recipe cards. Everything was laid out beautifully. The recipes were really easy to follow. It included tons of step-by-step pictures on how to start cooking. The food I chose were the Argentine Chimichurri Steak, Salsa Verde Enchiladas, and Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas. There wasn’t any particular reason why I chose the following meals only that it looked good in the photo!

Now I’ve heard HelloFresh a while back from various influencers who gave reviews of their meals. The only con I heard is that their meats aren’t very good. So I was skeptical about ordering meals with any meat in them. Surprisingly, when I tried them, they were pretty good.

Day 1

Argentine Chimichurri Steak

After cooking this meal, I realize I could have cut the cilantro thinner. Otherwise, the sweet potato was absolutely delicious. The combination of tomatoes, onion, and cilantro really made the beef taste even better.

Day 2

Salsa Verde Enchiladas

Apparently, the red hot peppers didn’t come in the package so I was missing an ingredient. Otherwise, the red beans were very fresh and tasty.

Day 3

Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas

This quesadilla was unique because it included pineapples. It has the tingy after taste which evens out the saltiness of the chicken. It’s pretty good although I’m too fond of eating fried vegetables. I prefer eating vegetables cold.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a good experience with HelloFresh. Would I recommend it to a friend? Both yes and no. Yes, I believe this is a great option for busy working professionals or a family who don’t have the time to make the field trip to the grocery store. I think this would be a good option for a busy person who wants to eat a wholesome meal but doesn’t want to resort to fast food.

No, in a way that I find the weekly meals to be a bit pricey in comparison to purchasing food at the local grocery store. I can recreate this exact meals by just purchasing the ingredients in my local supermarket. The upside is that HelloFresh exposes me to new recipes I’ve haven’t tried before.

Some factors to consider is that the recipes states that it takes 30 minutes to cook. However, I realize that I was cooking up to an hour. It takes a considerable amount of time to prep the vegetables, sauce, and meat so it will take more than 30 minutes. I consider myself an intermediate cooker so the recipes were fairly simple and easy to follow. However, for a beginner cooker, or someone who never really find themselves cooking daily, then you may be cooking for up to 2 hours with HelloFresh. This might not be practical for someone who wants a quick bite on the go. The taste also greatly depends on your cooking skills. So I recommend trying to cook on your own daily for several months and then try out HelloFresh as a step up from your usual cooking routine.

And that’s it! What do you guys think about the food I’ve whipped up in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments below!




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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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