How To Find a Role-Model or Mentor and Why You Need One

The human brain automatically tends to mimic other people’s behavior and actions. When you find someone that has an impactful influence, you’ll slowly realize you’re already integrating small behavioral changes. Finding a role-model is important in helping you reach your goals. Without them, it can be difficult to make long term goals possible.

Lately, I’ve been following social media mentors who share their personal challenges, and how they overcome them. I recommend finding a mentor in-person. For me, finding a professional mentor is usually not free. You may need to pay for the extra consultation. If you’re very lucky, you can find a mentor who’s willing to consult with you for free. Sometimes, the best mentors are your closest best friends.

Why You Should Have Role Models

  1. They can be the living proof of your ambitions and life goals. Seeing your role model may give you a range of possibilities. When you’re making a decision, you might bogged down by the face value of your options. This is when your mentor can demonstrate that it’s possible to pursue other options.
  2. They can help you see things in a new perspective. Your mentor may have the wisdom and knowledge to help you see things in a new light. I always enjoy reading quotes of very successful people. Sometimes we become too fixated with our own belief system but it prevents us from making the lifestyle changes we need. Having a mentor may assist in developing a new belief that could benefit your morality and perspective in life.
  3. They can motivate you to overcome challenges. When we find a path too difficult, we may look up to our mentor to motivate us. The only difference between the accomplishments of a mentor and yourself may be that your mentor has tried many things and failed at them too. Yet, they proved that it can be accomplished with hard work, persistence, and courage.
  4. They can guide you in making the right decisions. From making past mistakes, mentors can share concrete advice on how to make a well-rounded decisions. I find them very personal and relatable.

How to Find Role Models

  1. Read biographies. Take the time in your day to read about successful people. This gives you inspiration even though you might not be meeting the individual in person. Understanding their background, personal challenges, and personal philosophy can give a wealth of knowledge that seems like a breath of fresh air.
  2. Go to meetups. If you’re actively looking for someone to guide you more individually, then meeting professionals or instructors at meetups might be the best option. Not only are you networking, you might be able to find a mentor that may assist you. Just be clear about your goals because their time is also precious.
  3. Sign up for online communities. One of the best things about the internet is that you can see millions of online forums, blogs, and an active digital community. If you sign up for the community, you may receive announcements for mentor and mentee programs. You can also directly post your questions on the forum so that someone who has an expert title can assist you promptly.
  4. Follow mentors on social media. This approach is more direct compared to an online forum. You’re following one person on social media which can make it feel more personal. If they don’t have a large following count, you can directly comment on their posts and interact with them. I love this method especially when the person is far away or living oversea. I can still communicate with them and ask tons of questions on my favorite platforms.

If you haven’t found a mentor yet, don’t fret. There’s many opportunities where you might find someone who can give you the support that you need. While you might feel compelled to reach out to a family member, romantic partner or a friend, try reaching out to someone you don’t really know. Often times, you’ll learn how to listen and get to know another person’s world. This may help you expand your horizons.



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