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Hi everyone. I hope you had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. Thanks for following my blog and taking the time to read my articles. While I am generally a lifestyle and health blogger, I’m also a firm advocate for technology and human centered design. As a UX/UI Designer, I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest technologies and mobile apps. Recently, Google has revealed their exciting new features for 2019. And this articles reflects my thoughts about the new features.

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O Developer Conference is where Google announces new hardware, software, and features through their existing mobile apps. The event isn’t just a panel show, the conference is a 3 day event filled with activities where you can try out the Google features as well as being a tester for open source projects by developers. For the full details of the conference, I recommend watching the video on YouTube. It’s very insightful, and gives you a glimpse of what could be the future.

What I’m excited about

While most people would get on the hype train for the newly announced Pixel 3A and 3A XL, I’m more intrigued by the software update that will slowly be integrated in other applications. By no means, if you’re looking for a budget friendly phone with an excellent camera, then you should get the phone. There are 3 things I’m mostly looking forward to: Google Search, Google Assistant, and Google Lens.

Google Search

Google, as always, has become a search engine giant. One feature I thought would be very useful would be the 3D hologram. For example, you might be searching for a product to purchase, but you may not be able to vision the actual size of the product in real life. The 3D holograms, also known as AR technology, will be used to produce visually riched imagery straight from the app. I can see how this feature can also be very useful for consumers, medical students and mechanical engineers.

Google Assistant

For the past several years, voice assistants have become more sophisticated. And I believe Google will really revolutionize how voice assistant can help people in their day to day activities. Google is working hard to integrate AI to process complex voice commands. Soon, you may be able to make several requests in making bookings, doctor appointments, events, and emails. It impressed me is when the presenter was able to compose a perfectly written email using voice only.

Google Lens

Google Lens have also been increasingly useful over time by delivering information to you through its cameras. The technology works by mapping data and allow Google to identify objects through its image recognition. So when the bill arrives, you can point your camera at the receipt and it will display the tipping info and bill splitting help. You can also view restaurant menus which will highlight dishes in detail. It can also detect languages and translate it instantly. The key is to provide convenience to people seek information around their physical environment.



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