How to Try a New Skincare Product Without Breaking Out

Lately, I decided I want to switch up my skincare routine by trying out new products. I wasn’t too keen on making the complete switch, because I know my skin is sensitive enough to have acne induced break outs. So I decided to do my research and here’s what I found.

I’ve been using a Japanese product called the Hada Labo for the past five years. I haven’t tried other products beyond this because I was concerned about breaking out. The Hada Labo skincare line did wonders for my skin.  I haven’t experienced any severe acnes for a couple of years. But recently, my skin started to break out again and I realize my usual skincare routine wasn’t working. So I decided it was time for a change of products.

My skin is mid dry and slightly oily. But it’s very sensitive as well. You may have seen the advertisement for different various skincare products. And while they might seem enticing, you may realize that many are not compatible with your skin type. You might even experience irritation, blemishes, and bumps. I had my fair share of negative side effects, but I’m here to share with you ways to go around it.

Understand your skin type. This might seem easy as it sounds. But it’s so important that you understand your skin type. Initially, I thought my skin type was dry. But later on I found out that my skin is a combination of dry and oiliness. It took some observation and several bad reactions to find out, so I recommend talking to your dermatologist to know how your skin works.

Do your research. Don’t just read articles of the “Top Ten Skincare Products” lists. Sincerely do your research by looking into the mission of the brand and what type of products they are trying to create. For me, I wanted an affordable skincare product with a combination of natural remedies thats high in quality. After thorough research, I settled for Innisfree. I also wanted to go to a physical store, and Innisfree was perfect because it was close in commute. I can chat with the store clerk for product related questions.

Understand the ingredients. You don’t need to be the whiz of ingredients. Just understand the percentage of chemical products found in the product. For example, if you know alcohol will cause irritation on your skin, then avoid products that contains high amount of alcohol. It may be 20% or up to 80% of the entire bottle. You can study some of the most common skin irritants, but usually synthetic fragrances is a main culprit for skin related problems. If you’re really having trouble with this, then it’s best to ask your dermatologist whether the product is the right for you.

Find a product that aligns with your values. I mostly look for products that strive to make skincare products accessible to all various skin types. It tells me the organization values in making a high quality product. Don’t purchase a product because your favorite idol uses them. Make sure the brand really works on tackling major skincare issues.

Try out samples. If you can find samples, try them. Skincare products can be expensive and you want to make sure it’s worth every penny. When trying out Innisfree, I wasn’t sure whether it was the right product for my skin type. Luckily, while skimming through their website, I found out they had a starter kit set with all of your usual skincare routines (lotion, exfoliants, cleansing foam, toner) – and it only cost $15 per kit set. While the kit isn’t your typical small sample. It’s enough in one package to try for a month and see how it changes your skin. If it doesn’t work, then you’ll feel reassured that you spent only $15 on it.

Take it slowly. Finding the right product takes trial and error. But it’s necessary sometimes to change your skin routine time to time. This isn’t definite guide, but it will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls when you’re purchasing a new product line.



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