5 Simple Ways To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Caring for the environment can be a powerful way to ensure the sustainability of the next generation after us. Over the years, I’ve learned simple lifestyle changes that don’t require a major transformative effort. With the following tips, you have the power to save thousands of animal and pant life roaming in this beautiful earth.

1. Reduce plastic usage. Believe it or not, the products we use in our day to day basis can really affect the environment. Plastic, for example, is mostly non-degradable so it can stack up in the ocean sand wildlife. The problem? Plastic releases a harmful chemical that can harms plants and animals. Additionally, animals, such as fish, birds, and whales consume these plastic. So one way to reduce plastic is to swap out your bottle waters with a metal water bottle or stainless steel.

2. Wear sustainable products. This one might be tricky. Perhaps your clothes isn’t 100% sustainable but you were just wasn’t aware. But no worries, in the future, you can carefully choose products that are sustainable and recyclable. Research the production of how the material is made. Make sure the organization has a sound belief in saving the planet.

3. Don’t waste food and eat sustainably. Food wasting has become a main culprit in the acceleration of green house emission. This causes more C02 in the air and cause air pollution. Try reducing in food waste by being self conscious about portions. Don’t buy tons of food only to throw most of them away later. Purchase organic food and support your local farmers. It might be slightly expensive, but it will be worth it for yourself and the health of the environment.

4. Go green by commuting. Whenever you can, you can greatly reduce emission gas by avoiding vehicles. You can bike your way to your destinationwhile also get a good workout! Try sustainable traveling when your on the go.

5. Conserve energy at home. Sustainable homes are not only good for the environment but it can also be a great cost saving option. Conserve the energy at home by spending less on heat and air conditioning. You can regulate the temperature of your home by using caulk, seal, or weather strip outside openings to prevent air leaks. You can also use a programmable thermostat to monitor the temperature in the room and turns on and off depending on your room temp.

And that’s it! Making small sustainable choices can make you live a more mindful life.

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