How To Reignite Your Passion

Each and one of us have an inner fire that’s ready to be unleashed. However, many of us struggle on how we can channel our desires. This could be due to our lack of faith in our own capabilities. Let’s explore how we can ignite the passion inside us.

Truth of the matter is, the term can be loosely associated with general interests, purpose, or motivation. It could be found in either your professional career or in your hobbies. Depending where you work, a typical working culture can either encourage this behavior or discourage them. But here’s why I believe it’s important to work in a career that excites you and ways you can ignite them:

You have a relationship with your work

Just like having a relationship with a romantic partner, we also have a relationship with our work. An average worker spends 90,000 hours of their lifetime at work. That’s more than the average time in comparison to being with family and friends. In the meantime, we develop feelings about our work – which could either be negative or positive. Whichever it is, it’s important to take ownership of where you are. You could either sustain the relationship by putting more of your time or energy – or you can decide to change course and try something else. Assess whether can see yourself succeeding in your current role in the next five years.

It can impact the quality of your life

Your work can definitely impact the quality of life. It can effect you either physically or emotionally. Therefore, it’s important to work in a job where you can thrive. If you’re struggling to meet the minimum requirement for a role – then it’s probably not the best fit for you. Focus on your strengths, it will greatly reduce the stress and frustration long-term.

Remember your interests

Go back to the time on activities that excited you. You might feel like those times are not very important – but it actually tell more about you than what other people perceives you as. After all, your actions speaks louder than words. You may discover that you could be athletically talented, or you’re very knowledgeable in programming, or you could be skillful in designing architecture. Whichever it is, we have certain characteristics that exceeds one another. Choose your tool wisely, because eventually it will become a prominent part of your lifestyle.

Work with the right team

This usually gets thrown under the bus, but working with the right people is usually the most critical part in fueling passion. You want to be surrounded by people who also feels the same passion as you do. This accelerates the working process and it may even bring positive results to your team as a whole. Being with a team with similar goals and motivation can greatly impact your perception of your role. A team that genuinely feels invigorated by their work will pass off the same energy to you.

Be in the right working culture

Depending on which industry you work for, every company has various working culture. Some organization emphasize the importance of innovation, communication, creativity, flexibility in an agile team. While others aren’t very clear with their culture. It’s important to identify which culture is the best fit for you.  You may discover that working for a company that puts communication as a crucial component in project management might save the headache of small tribulations. This really depends on how the company sets their mission and goals in providing a working culture that values employee satisfaction.

Remember, passion comes from within. That’s why it can be so elusive, because we start waiting for the world to bring passion to us rather than cultivating it ourselves. When we identify what drives us, it’s when we start to experience moments of gratitude and happiness.




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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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