Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Set Review

The long waited release of the Jeju Cherry Blossom is finally here! When I first saw it on social media, I wanted to try out their Cherry Blossom Set.

The set includes a Jelly Cream, Glow Toner, and Glow Emulsion. With the purchase, I was also given a cherry blossom makeup bag! Their packaging is super cute.

Glow Toner and Emulsion

Trying out the Glow Toner and Emulsion was very moisturizing. Right away, you can smell a slight fragrance and it smells really good. The toner is refreshing to apply after cleansing the face.

One of the reasons why I love Korean beauty skincare products is because their formulas are so effective. The emulsion is one of those products that I really enjoy putting on my face because you can instantly feel your skin texture change. The emulsion felt hydrating and really helped my skin absorb other beauty products.

Glow Jelly Cream
The Texture

I loved the Glow Jelly Cream! It’s light weight and non-sticky. It’s a transparent cream that just feels like soft butter on skin. It more toward a watered based cream – so your skin will absorb the cream fairly quickly. I think it’s great for both dry and oily skins.

Powerproof Pen Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil

Along with the set, I’ve also snagged their Powerproof Pen Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil. They seem to be in excellent quality for the price point. I really liked how the eyeliner filled in the entire crease of my eyelids. Throughout the day, my eyeliner hasn’t smudged thankfully!

Eyebrow kit

I know Innisfree recently released the eyebrow stamping brow, but I wanted to shape my brows the way I liked it. So I found a kit that helps trim your brows. It also came with a Eyebrow stencils to help fill in the outline of your brows.

The Cherry Blossom Makeup Bag 🙂

The makeup bag was a limited time offer but glad that I got them! I’m a busy girl who need to apply a quick makeup on the go – but this makeup bag really helps me keep all of my make up essentials together.

Innisfree – My Blusher

The blush was an add on to my make up routine. Normally, I don’t wear blushes, but it really pulls a coherent look together. I chose the color “My Blusher” because it has a slight pink and orange undertone. I liked how the colors were subtle and accentuated my face.

Moi on a Summer Day + wearing the liner, eyebrow pencil and blush

And that’s it! Have you guys tried a new skincare product you love? Let me know and I’ll mostly definitely try it out.

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