Best ways to stay calm and happy this holiday season

With the holiday seasons approaching soon, many of us are looking to celebrate festivity with friends and family. However, with the business of holiday shopping, it can heighten the stress and anxiety. On top of this, we go on travels to meet with family members. With the hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to keep yourself calm.

Connect with a Friend.

Sometimes, we need a special someone to distress and catch up on events. Having someone close can also open possibilities where you can get extra help. Never be afraid to ask when things become challenging. Your friend would be glad to help you out.


If you ever heard, “laughter is the best medicine.” Once in a while, we all make flops over our plans. Whether it be getting ready for guests, buying gifts, or traveling back home. We often make hurdles along the way that’s not picture perfect. But don’t let those moments get to you. Think more positively and appreciate the joys of the holidays. Studies have also shown that laughter can reduce stress, promote mental clarity, and help you expand your perspective.

Take Time for Yourself.

Once in a blue moon, we all need a break from our usual routine. The holidays can be the perfect time to unwind and catch up on your favorite Christmas movies. Most importantly, while it is the season of giving, don’t forget to treat yourself some delicious food and treats.

Let Go of Notions of Perfection.

While we all tend to make holidays ‘picture perfect’ similar to the movies and social media followings. We also need to let go of the notion of being perfect. Truth is, no matter how much we plan for the season, there may always be unexpected surprises beyond your control.

Maintain Gratitude for What Is.

Feeling thankful for what you have can go along way in contributing your happiness. Seize the moment, and appreciate what you’ve gained throughout the year. Your mood will greatly improve once you find the good in the bad.

Let me know what you are doing for the holidays!

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