Staying mentally healthy during a pandemic

The outbreak has indefinitely affected many people. With the closing of schools, malls and other social outlets. Many states have implemented a “stay-at-home” order to protect the community from an infectious disease. But with the passing days with no end in hindsight, it can be challenging to keep yourself mentally healthy while staying indoors.

Disclaimer: The following advice does not substitute professional medical help. If you are experiencing mental health problems, contact your doctor.

The pandemic can be stressful as it inhibits people’s ability to exercise and socialize. For me personally, I made a choice to stay indoors and limit contact with family members. You may have also taken some sacrifices in protecting yourself and your loved ones. Everybody deals with life stressors differently, but here are few tips to enhance your mood and overall well-being:

Tune out from social media and other media outlets

It can be emotionally straining to see coronavirus content on your social media and television. You’re probably already hearing it enough from your friends and family members. It’s best to read the news for 30 mins of your day, but tune out from your devices for the rest of the evening.

Work on a hobby you always wanted to try

Take your mind off from the screen and get more hands on! I recommend trying DIY activities such as drawing, painting or knitting. Better yet, you can try cooking up a delicious new recipe. If you want a low key activity that don’t require a lot of materials, you can write or read a book. Working on a hobby that you always wanted to get around will make time pass by quickly, and hopefully reduces your thoughts about being in quarantine.

Meditate everyday

Mindfulness is key to relieving tension and stress. Sometimes, when the world moves too fast, we may need to slow down. Mediating helps by helping you prioritize your well-being first. Take about 30 minutes everyday to meditate on a couch or yoga mat. Slowly breath in and out while leaving your thoughts blank. Bring your attention to your breath. The goal is to bring your conscious to the present moment.

Video call a friend or family member

Lastly, you are not alone in this pandemic. While you may need to keep social distancing from your friends and family. You can still keep a social life by reaching out to your loved ones. Instead of texting, try video calling a close friend or family member. Keeping a strong social support is important in getting through the effects of this pandemic.

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