How to Properly Spring Clean Your Home

Throughout this crisis, spring cleaning has taken a whole new meaning. If you haven’t seen my previous post about spring cleaning. You can find it at How To Start Your Spring Cleaning Early. If you haven’t started your spring cleaning spree already, I came up with helpful tips in safely cleaning your place.

Use Mask and Gloves

Before you begin, always make sure to cover up before diving deep into cleaning. While cleaning, you may expose yourself to dust and other pathogens in the surface of your belongings and furniture. By touching every corner of your house, you may want to protect yourself.

Separate the clean from dirty

Make some space to separate clean items from the dirty ones. For example, when you come into the house, take off your shoes and wear slippers. Your shoes may bring dirt and germs from the outside, so you want to wear indoor slippers to create a clean environment. Additionally, make sections in your closet, this avoids cross contamination of dirty clothes clashing with cleaned clothes.

Disinfect with EPA approved cleansers

Now the important part – you want to use disinfectants that works on bacteria and viruses. But it also safe for your health and your environment. Make sure your disinfectants are EPA-approved. The EPA registration validates whether the product is effective in killing bacteria and viruses. If you’re using a product that’s not EPA approved, then be skeptical on whether it will actually disinfect well.

Clean surfaces thats touched frequently

Door handles, dining table, and your cellphones are surfaces you touch frequently. It probably contains more bacteria and viruses than anywhere in your entire home. Take a disinfectant wipe and scrub hard on each surface. Make sure you are wearing gloves in the process. You don’t want to be touching items with your bear hands and risk cross contamination.

Make a cleaning schedule

Last but not least, take out your calendar and start making a schedule to increase your cleaning game. You want to be frequently cleaning so that you’re not constantly bringing harmful pathogens from outside to your home. If you have a family member who can help split up the chore, make a plan to have one of each person commit to a “deep” cleansing routine every week. But generally keep the place tidy everyday as you please.

After you finish cleaning up, wash your hands, and take a shower to wash away the germs. Wear a fresh clean of clothes and you should be all set! I hope this helps in making your home feel brighter, safer and fresh.

How are you doing in coping with the coronavirus? Lately, I’ve been washing my hands more frequently and trying to avoid touching my face. I’ve also been wearing masks – which I’m not used to covering something on my face. But let me know in the comments below if you’ve taken other measures to stop the spread. Stay safe everyone!



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