Simple Ways in Staying Active All Day

I hope you’re enjoying the warm weather. Summer has officially started! In my area, the gym still hasn’t opened yet. And it won’t be anytime soon. In the meantime, I thought of creative ways to stay active while being at home and in my local area. Of course, the following tips include measures to safely exercise worry-free!


Take about 30 minutes from your day for some deep stretch. You can use a yoga mat, a soft carpet or even your bed. The key is to provide cushion to your bones but also allow you to move your muscles. My favorite poses include:

Child Pose – This is an active stretch that helps elongate the back and that’s also a great de-stressor after a long exhausting day. 

Downward-Facing Dog – This is a classic pose that targets back extensors, which support your low back, spine, and posture.

Cat/Cow Pose – My favorite pose because it helps strengthen the back and expand the lungs. It is also a great energy builder that moves energy stuck in the lower back and midsection.

Triangle Pose – Triangle pose is great for strengthening the back and legs. It can lengthen muscles along your outer hip and stretches the hamstrings, pectorals and intercostals.

Building Your Inner Core

Inner core exercise is great to build stamina and physical strength. Since I’m home and sitting on my desk all day, I noticed my body posture has been regressing. I realize how important it is to engage the core muscles. Phone calls, typing, computer use, and similar work can make back muscles surprisingly stiff and sore, particularly if you’re not strong enough to practice good posture and aren’t taking sufficient breaks.

Think of your core muscles as the sturdy central network that connects the upper and lower body. Building a physical inner core can set you up for injuries and cut athletic prowess. Here, I’ve included my favorite core strength exercise tutorials.

  1. Get a Smaller Waist in 28 DAYS | Plank Workout Challenge
  2. 10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises
  3. Core Strength Ritual – Yoga With Adriene


Last but not least! Get your heart pumping by going for a brisk walk or run. Of course, when going outside in your local parks, make sure to cover up and wear a mask or protective covering. I know it can be uncomfortable wearing a mask and running at the same time, but it’s important to be safe than sorry. If you don’t have a mask, then make sure you are committed to social distance 6 feet away.

With that being said, running has tremendously impacted my mood and physical endurance. I would make 1 hour of my day to fit into my schedule to go for a jog. Running can improve your mind at any age, and fight against age-related cognitive decline. It also helps burn calories and lose weight. Something everyone wants to achieve their post-January fitness resolutions.

The key is to have a consistent schedule. I would keep it simple by trying to slot in one hour of your day for intense physical exercise. The stretching/yoga can be a pre-workout but aerobic exercise should be the main core exercise. Hopefully, these small but effective workouts can bring some energy into your personal life.



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