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How to take measures in combatting the coronavirus

The coronavirus has definitely caused many anxieties for the community. Unfortunately, in the United States, the cases have not improved to this date. I live in the East Coast, and New York City and New Jersey have not reached Phase 3 of re-opening due to the recent outbreaks in the south and west. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone should take these following measures to reduce the risk of infection.

Disclaimer: The following tips are not medical advice, nor will it prevent you from getting the coronavirus. For more information, please visit the CDC website. The tips I’m about to share are my own personal insights from studying the coronavirus.

Social distance

Social distancing is the act to keep six feet away from another individual. Arguably, social distancing has shown to be more effective then wearing a mask. The transmission of the coronavirus comes from droplets and aerosols from the respiratory tract. In other words, if someone breathed, coughed or sneezed nearby you, the chances of droplets reaching to your face, clothes and personal belongings are higher. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a distance of six feet to prevent germs from reaching you.

Wear a face shield

A woman wearing a face shield

Along with a mask, I highly recommend wearing a face shield. After further research of the virus, I learned that our eyes can absorb moisture and droplets. Studies have also shown of patients getting the virus through their eyes. It’s recommended to wear glasses or a face shield to protect them. I also notice people don’t know how to properly put on and take off their masks. Here, I’ve outline how to properly wear a face mask:

How to properly wear a mask

By touching their masks, they are essentially also touching their face at the same time. A face shield avoids this altogether as you just need to touch the frame to take them off. Face shields are also reusable as you just need to wipe the shield for every use. If you don’t know whether to wear a mask or face shield, I recommend wearing both at the same time. Of course, if you know how to safely wear a mask.

Remember, masks and face shields are not a substitute for social distancing. It should be used if you are unable to physically distance yourself from a group of people. Unfortunately, masks have already provided individuals a sense of false security. The research shows that there are currently no medical tools approved by the FDA that prevents the coronavirus to this date.

Keep a good hygiene

Germs are everywhere, it can be found on your hands, your clothes, and even your hair. While you’re probably washing your hands frequently, remember to also take frequent showers and maintain a good hygiene too. If you’re outdoors a lot, I recommend taking a shower everyday. If you’re indoors more often, then take a shower every other day. The key to remember is that the virus sticks the surface of our skin. And our skin is the largest organ of our body. When you touch your arms or legs that hasn’t been washed, you’re more likely to cross contaminate germs from one skin to another.

Do not be inside an enclosed space

Avoid enclosed spaces such as gyms, bars, restaurants or large group indoor events. These places are awful because they often have poor indoor ventilation. Therefore, the movement of air becomes concentrated inside a building. Worse, most indoor buildings operate a 24/7 air condition system, which circulates the same air to another room. This makes it a high likely environment for the transmission of the virus.

Get the flu shot early

The flu season is right around the corner. Every fall, I personally take the flu shot and I recommend you should get one too. The flu-like symptoms can cause immense confusion when the flu season comes around. And you want to have a clear idea whether you have the flu or the coronavirus. So knock down the chance of you getting the flu by taking the vaccine. If you want to learn more about the differences from the flu or coronavirus, read this article from the CDC [link].

Get tested for the coronavirus if you can

Finally, if you believe you been exposed to the coronavirus, get tested for the coronavirus if you can. I know the testing sites currently are terribly managed. But depending on where you live in each state, you may find a testing site where you can find quick turnaround result. If your symptoms are not improving, then immediately seek medical care. The goal for testing is that we can identify the virus, isolate the individual, and prevent the spread of the virus. If the result of test takes too long, then make an intuitive decision that you may have the coronavirus and may need to self isolate for 2 weeks.

Good luck and stay safe!



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