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I Learned That Self Care Is So Important. Here’s Why’s

Many of us lead busy lives. We sit on our desk, anticipating piles of work to tackle. Or rather, you’re working on acing that next big test in the following week. Whatever it is, we almost always forget to pay attention to our own physical and mental needs. Here, I’ll share with you some solid reasons […]


How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog

Interested in starting your blog? Whether you’re writing, designing, teaching or taking photography pictures. Finding a niche is something that plays a huge role in your success. It’ll help you determine who your audience is, which blog post ideas to focus on and which products you need to create. Most importantly, it’ll help you maintain focus […]

My Top 5 December Favorites

With the Christmas cheer behind us, I’ve received several gifts for December. I love them! While snuggling under a warm fire, I’ve also caught up on several Netflix shows. With a new year comes a new makeup line, accessories, books, and shows oh my! Here are my top December favorites.