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The Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To See Cherry Blossoms This Spring

If you’re looking to see a spring wonderland, there’s no doubt that cherry blossoms are considered to be the stars of spring. In Japan, where the tradition of celebrating cherry blossoms originate, the cherry blossoms symbolize the fleeting nature of spring. Due to its very brief appearance in the season, the cherry blossoms do live […]


My Review of HelloFresh

For the longest time, I’ve always been curious about trying out Blue Apron or HelloFresh. The good news is that my client gave me a 25% discount for HelloFresh. I was elated at the idea of experiencing a meal kit straight at home. So I decided to try this out.

How to Start Your Spring Cleaning Early

Spring is approaching very soon. There’s nothing as refreshing as swapping out your winter clothes and tidying up your living space. Spring cleaning is a common routine you’ve probably heard of. If you’re new to it, then this article will explain how you can start it early. Making the commitment to clean your home might […]


Tis the Season To Be Blogging

It’s finally December! Are you excited for the holiday cheers? I certainly am. I’ve already gathered my to-do list for the holidays. Christmas is just around the corner, and I realize that blogging is a terrific pastime to release the holiday stress and focus on the things that matter to you.